Showbox “Video not Available” error, How to Fix on Android

Many of the Showbox users are found complaining “Video not available” issue for the last couple of weeks. Are you one of them, getting annoyed with Showbox “Video not available now” or “Processing please do not close screen” error and need to know how to fix on Android? Then lay your worries to rest. Go through the post and find a simple solution to your problem.

Showbox is an amazing app designed to watch movies and TV shows on your Android for free. You can watch movies online or download to enjoy later. The App is having a huge collection of movies and TV shows and you can stream or download any movie anytime.showbox video not available now fix Showbox is a universal app for both Tablets and Smartphones with intuitive User interface that allows users to search the desired content easily with fast content loading of Showbox app.

How to Fix Showbox error “Video not available” on Android

The previous versions of showbox requires MX Player. If you don’t update the app it’ll just read “video not available”. Once updated it’ll then ask you to install mx player. But by doing so will no longer allows you to stream to AllCast. But with recent updates all issues seems to be resolved but you have to pay a little attention to some minor changes in Showbox interface. Note the following steps and enjoy watching any movie or TV show on your Favorite Showbox.

  • Download and Install the Latest version of Showbox Apk v4.61 on your Android.
  • Open the app with a new interface. If you find “Unfortunately Showbox has stopped“, Go to our previous post, and resolve your issue.
  • Once your Showbox Apk v4.61 is installed properly, Tap to Open it.
  • Tap on the Movie you want to watch. You will find two Options Tap WATCH NOW.
  • If you find Video not available now, Find SERVER option and Tap to switch between Server 2 or server 1.showbox videos not available fix solution
  • That’s Done, your movie will start loading for you to watch.

Now you can stream the Movie that was not available previously.

If you have installed MX Player for the previous versions, you can uninstall it as the latest version of Showbox Apk v4.61 has it’s own internal player. All the movies and TV shows can be played with internal player having support for ChromeCast also. You can Stream movies on big screens with ChromeCast support with Showbox Apk v4.61 internal player. If you don’t want to uninstall MX player you can switch between both players.

We hope you can now handle Showbox “Video not available” issue on Android easily. But if something is still there to bother you, feel free to share your worries in the comments below. We will try to find some quicker solutions to your problems.

Update (Latest Issue): As of today 09, April 2016, there is again the same issue of showbox video not available for all movies and TV shows on showbox app. Some users are also reporting that they are stuck at the “Processing do not close window“. We have investigated this issue and came to know that the Showbox officials are changing/updating their over crowed servers. The problem is temporary and will be resolved in a day or two with probably a new update of the app we will update the new version as soon we got our hands on. Mean while continoue watching your favourite TV shows and movies through Movietube Apk or Movie HD, best alternatives of Showbox.

  • John Brolly

    Video not available. Try another server is what I get everytime i try to watch anything on showbox now that it’s been upgraded. I know you mentioned about a server option but I don’t get that option up on my screen, just a box saying ‘vid not avail, etc. and a Close button function. Is there something I’m not doing?

  • Lucia Lugo

    How do you find the server option on a samsung galaxy 3? And what version on Showbox will my phone support?

  • Kelly Major

    I keep getting video not available try server but i only have the option of one server. I have followed all suggestions on this page. I’ve uninstalled the app 3 times, cleared the data and cache 3 times and still get this problem. At the moment it is only on one episode of a series but still frustrating. Any ideas greatly appreciated.

    • Rebecca Birdsall

      im having the same problem, it’s only one episode and all other series work fine, did you find a solution to this problem?

  • Victor Ortiz

    So what I have discovered after updating to the newest version is that yes I know longer get the “video not available” error. But the problems with the servers is the newest issue. So I can watch the movies now but only some of the movies or shows have the multiple server option. So one new movie can have only server 2 when you press on it. Others

  • glnawil


    1. Problem: Video not available now.
    Resolved by updating showbox app.

    2. Problem: Downloaded movie file appended with .temp.
    Resolved by downloading es file explorer and changing name of file.


    3. Problem: in the past I could move the movie files from my tablet to a thumb drive and then plug the drive into the usb port on the front of my blueray player and play the downloaded showbox movies on our tv. Since the update of showbox, my blueray player refuses to play any of the videos. Error: unrecognised or corrupt file. Unable to play.

    • Darrin Deane

      Use lucky patcher. Works perfectly on new ShowBox version.

      • Suzanne LoGiudice

        did you have to do surveys to download lucky patcher?

      • meow bersatu

        can u tell me wht should be done on the lucky patcher to make showbox works?

        • Darrin Deane

          Open Lucky Patcher
          Tap ShowBox icon
          Open menu of patches
          Remove license verification
          Clear data
          Done datta

  • Darrin Deane

    To fix. Use lucky pitcher. Period. All that above don’t work

  • Rose

    Hi, trying to watch GOT but no option to watch now or download nor can I select another server as there is no server 2 option.

    Have downloaded new version and updated, other shows/movies have these options but just seems to be game of thrones? !

    Any help greatly appreciated 🙂

  • Khaled Ahmed

    My problem is that i can’t even find server 2 what shall i do…. please help!! 🙁

  • Ab

    Show box is not working neither movies nor tv shows

  • Dianne Orhan

    I keep getting a server error when trying to stream from showbox. I’ve tried switching server but there is only one apparently.

    • Ray

      Im having the same problem

      • Dianne Orhan

        If u find something that works let me know as it’s irritating me now and I’ve deleted show box. I’ll try again tomorrow.

        • Cesar Ayala

          I have the same problem. I believe something has happened in showbox

    • CherylLee Patete

      I’m also having same problem there goes my relaxing movie night.

    • wayne

      Same with me it was working about 2/3 hours ago but when i tried to go on it now it wont work and im only getting server 1 🙁

  • Kay

    I am also having issues, no matter which fix I follow it is still saying “video not available. Try another server” ?

  • Veronica Mizelle

    Im also experiencing the video not available issue as well as only having one server. I’ve attempted some of the suggestions posted here but nothing has worked. i believe this started after I updated.

  • Israel Lava

    Hi guys. I’m also having the same issue on both movie or TV show. It will only say ‘video not available try another server’ but there’s only one server. I’ve tried uninstalling it an installing it again still not working. Tried to install the older version but still not working. Can you guys help me/us please. Thanks!

    • Valery Wiebers

      I got this to! How can I fix that?

  • Ahmed Ebrahim Al Mannai

    Same over here but I think they are working on their servers, so it might be no solution to it just to wait .. im not sure about it though

    • CAHluvtheSHAW

      I went back to a older version of the app…seems to be working fine now

      • Ahmed Ebrahim Al Mannai

        Thanks I did a downgrade to version 2.8 and its working fine

        • sam

          Can you post a link of where to download the 2.8 version

        • arvin braich

          Where did you get version 2.8

        • Dylan Webber

          How do i downgrade to version 2.8?

      • arvin braich

        Where did you get version 2.8?

        • CAHluvtheSHAW

          I’m on the’s the one on the website

          • MD Justin

            It really work? When i downhrade still have the same problems

          • CAHluvtheSHAW

            I’m sure not all work ….but most should def more than updated version

  • mark

    Having video not available problem. But only have 1 server to choose from. Every time there is an update I hit yes. How do I know which version I have. Also how do I fix this? Worked fine akways then went to watch something yesterday and well have this issue.

  • amanda

    I downloaded the app yesterday, watched 1 film, now no video’s are available. asked me to change server & there’s only 1 server allocated.

  • sharon

    Tried alsorts of tricks suggested and still get video unavailable and no choice of switching from server 1 and 3 help!!!!

  • Ahmed Ebrahim Al Mannai

    Guys I did an downgrade to version 2.8 and worked just fine .. thanks to @CAHLuvTheShaw

    • Eloquent “EbonyGemstone” Ebony

      Not working for me help I want to watch Ted 2!

  • siobhan

    I’m having same problem only one server option.

  • Eloquent “EbonyGemstone” Ebony

    I just downloaded and installed 2.8 can’t watch Ted 2or new Jurassic Park World movie

  • Dylan Webber

    Ita july 25th 2015 and once again i am getting the video not available please try another server but when i go to switch servers it only gives my the option of server 1 which i am already on? Just started doing this? Help?! How do i get my showbox to work again??

  • Ahmed Ebrahim Al Mannai

    Guys you need to have download aptoide store and then you go and search for the show box app in the aptoide store and when you find it you select it and then there is tab written in it related once you hit related you will find the older versions below there and you could choose from them .. and talking about androids

    • Ammaz Shabbir

      Not working still server not available.

  • Andy Devore

    Everytime I try to stream a movie on showbox it says
    “Server not Available.
    Try another server!”
    Yet there is only one server available.
    TV shows work, its just movies.

  • Kat Ledwards

    Hey all can anyone help. Watching show box last night absolutely fine … Go to watch it today and comes up with video not available. Try another server. I have o my 1 server to choose from there is no server 2 have tried clearing data. Uninstalling and reinstalling to lower versions and latest versions but to no avail. Can anyone help? X

    • Kendrick Norton

      I got a message from them today saying that they are currently working on the servers and will not be up for several days

  • Ammaz Shabbir

    The point goes with everyone. Video not available try another server but there is only one server. So Kindly fix it

  • Mary Gough

    Same for me only 1 server and it’s not working

  • Holly

    I’m glad I’m not the only one with this problem well not glad but……. you know what I mean lol

  • Tere Varra

    I’m having the same problem!! Tell them to hurry their butts up, Lol.

  • Catprincess

    I have the same thing. First it kept saying closing when I opened it then I got another version and it says ‘video not available now’.

  • Mariya Anwar

    Im having the same trouble as well every time I click on a movie or TV show it says video not available. Try another sever.
    So I try another server but there’s only one server and that’s server 1. Plz help I’ve tried everything. Ive tried deleting the app and installing it again and ive also tried Intalling an older version and nothing works the same thing happens. Plz help.

  • Leon

    Show box and movie box is down for maintenance and could take a couple of days

  • Bonnie

    Download playbox.not as good but can watch on there till showbox works .

  • Daniel Benjamin

    I still have problems with the ‘video not available try……..’ I hav tried to follow directions from the above writer bt no changes… It shows only “server 1”

    • Jackie Kennedy

      Did you try Geoff Brooke’s way? Worked on my 3 android boxes.

  • Aisling Gallagher

    Since July 23, 2015, I have had the video not showing, switch server come up n can’t watch any movies. Are Shoebox still working on site? This prob came up in March according to above posting last paragraph, what seems to be the issue?
    Otherwise, quite happy with this app.

    • Jackie Kennedy

      Read Geoff Brooke’s comments above. it works

      • Jan Ball

        If you rip off films and shows you’ll get problems. No such thing as a free lunch….Showbox is great when it works, but it works less and less. Is 7 euros a month really too much to pay for a decent service? I’m off to Netflix…

        • Jackie Kennedy

          I have Netflix but it doesn’t play the shows I like to watch and the few it does is well behind! I will be back to Showbox as soon as it is back up and running.

  • Chris Thom

    I’ve just watch x movies 8 .co until show box working again

  • Tony

    hey guys I’m having an issue to on my android phone and tablet keeps on saying try another server how can I fix that.

    • Jackie Kennedy

      Read Geoff Brooke’s comments above. I did and it sorted it.

  • Dylan Webber

    I had a update an hour ago now aftet downloading, everytime i open showbox a popup for “movie box” pops up and tells me to sign in then quickly vanishes to the point where i can only see the bottom.of the pop up on the top of my screen but i cant use the showbox app while its there? Please help?!

  • Shirley Loo

    Switch the server but I have had only just one server… no way to switch!

    • Jan Ball

      Will someone please tell me how to get another server? I’m trying to watch the second series of Castle but it downloads to 99% then stops! If I try to press resume, I get a message saying ”Processing, please don’t close this window. Window will close automatically on data processing completion” It takes ages to complete, and when it’s finished, I find myself in exactly the same position as I started! It’s driving me mad, and I’m seriously considering binning Show Box and looking for something else! Is there an idiot proof way of solving this problem?

      • Jackie Kennedy

        Read Geoff Brooke’s comments. I followed this and it worked!

  • darkavenger

    can anyone help? everytime I click on a movie or show it takes me back to the homepage, I am using showbox on a laptop with bluestacks emulator, any advice on how to rectify it please

  • Craig g

    Guys. Had the same problem all of you have had. I have two android boxes but one of the boxes wasn’t working with showbox, the other was fine. I went in to app setting and cleared the cache and data. I went to the Google store and downloaded the latest mx player. Then I went back in to showbox, clicked where it says “video player” and changed it to “other” instead of the default “vlc”. Showbox updated and then the dreaded processing screen came up. Miracle! It went away after 10 secs! Joy.

  • Archer

    Link To download latest showbox apk….…it works, just uninstall old version

  • Geoff Brooke

    I fixed this on a couple of M8s kodi tv boxes today. Open Google and search for showbox 4.27. A list of sites will appear. Select Infogeeksers.Com and scroll down the window until you see ‘follow me’ and press it. You will be taken to mediafire and central in the window is a green box with download 19.48mb. Press that to download the latest version of showbox. Look in downloaded files to see the file and click on it. The file install box on showbox appears and hit install. When installed the box turns to done and open next to each other. Either hit open or go back to your apps page and press the showbox icon. Worked like a dream twice on two separate boxes today. Hope this helps. Please make sure any previous versions of installed showbox files have been uninstalled before doing the above.

    • arcticcatgirl34

      Thanks so much Geoff! That did it!

      • Geoff Brooke

        Great! It took me the better part of two days to find this fix. Glad it helped you too. G

    • Jackie Kennedy

      Thank you very much Geoff! I have done this on our 3 android boxes and it worked! I can watch my shows now.

    • ExeB

      not working, i downloaded it but i still cant watch fast and furious 1

    • Ashley Elizabeth

      I did this and the processing part goes away after a few seconds but it asks me to enter a captcha
      Ex( dmkx2vc) and when I enter it it just tells me to enter another one, and it goes on and on,

      • Geoff Brooke

        Captcha does not work. I uninstalled showbox, searched for ‘infogeelers showbox’ again, scolled down to ‘follow me’, downloaded latest version (4.61) and installed it. I pick a film and get the processing page and captcha but i cancel them both back to the film. Go into servers and if you get an option choose anything but server 1 … this has been hacked and showbox are fixing it but it will take a couple of weeks. When you pick another server click ‘watch now’ and it should work … does on mine. Dont pick torrenz that just allows downloads. If the film or show doesnt have another server … choose a different film. Viewing is clunky and sometimes it streams in parts but better than nothing

        Hope this helps. G

  • Nikola Krstic

    proccesing keep rebooting from yesterday cant load video :/

  • kelly

    I can watch any kid of movie and show but the one show that I really want to watch is supernatural and that’s the one that they won’t even allow me to watch every time I click on an episode it won’t open up but a a message well stating that the server is not working for me to choose another one can you please help me this is frustrating that I can watch pretty much anything but the one show that I really want to watch I can’t

  • Denel Thomas

    PLEASE FIX SO ANNOYED: I have been experiencing problems since the last update of Showbox 4.61 “Video not available now”, “try another server” and “Processing please do not close screen” , also some of the TV Shows are streaming on 720 which loads in 6 parts, has no audio and frequently sticks.

    I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app its same issue. (Using an android device)

  • Russell Ettery

    Processing issue still happening. This is 2 weeks after previous coment 9th april said it would be sorted by 2 days.
    Any updates?

  • Eric

    Seriously thought something was going wrong on my end. But I’m glad its not only me. It’s been 4 days now. Had this happened before if you can recall

    • David

      Yeah having same problems here Server1 doesn’t seam to be working server 4 & 8 work when they want

  • Wraakian

    Love ShowBox and until I can update to the latest ShowBox app on my MBOX I am getting around the problem of it forever downloading by firstly clicking on remind me later, getting up the film I require, then when the downloading, do not close box coming up pressing the back up button of my MBOX remote to take me back to the chosen film there will then be the usual download the film or watch it now box for viewing it but remember to change the server to one that works from the drop down box after clicking on server and change it to android if using MBOX and this method works every time. I would still hope to get the latest ShowBox version and have asked them how I can reach their server on my TV using MBOX …. await their answer.

  • bech1990

    I have a MXQ box, I have re-downloaded the showbox app version 4.61. However, when I get into the app a dialogue box pops up saying “New Version available update now” Then 2 options: Remind me later & Update. If I click update nothing happens and I get ‘Update Error!’ When I am able to open a movie the only text on the screen is “Video Steam not available”. I cannot get it to work.. Now I have downloaded an older version when I click on a movie or the update the app closes itself without any warning…. HELP!!!