Showbox Apk File Download For Android 2017 Showbox App

Showbox Apk is available to download through its show box .apk file. Showbox app is considered the most reputed entertainment app for android operating system. Latest version of show box is 4.69 which is updated on 8th august 2016. iOS operating users can also enjoy this amazing app by downloading MovieBox it is the same app with different name for iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices.

Showbox APK

It is an android OS based free entertainment app. It is equally famous both in android as well as iOS users. Showbox apk become instant hit when it’s launched in 2014. The main reason behind its tremendous success is because Showbox Apk has one of the largest movies, films and TV drama shows collections.

This means that users can watch almost every movie or TV show on Showbox app.

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Fix Problem: Video not available error.

Showbox .APK Features

Showbox app is built by its developers to provide free high quality entertainment content to its users in the form of movies, films, TV shows and Dramas. It is continuously getting better with time, this is the uniqueness which gives Showbox Apk an upper hand. There are many entertainment apps available on the android market which also provides free movies and TV shows but most of them are not reliable. Many are out dated with only limited content. We have tested thousands of these apps and only few apps are able to match our quality standards. Mobdro which an aim at free streaming’s and Cartoon HD are the one which match our quality standards and are reliable as well as trusted.Showbox Apk
Showbox APk has the number 1 position in our quality entertainment apps list.

Latest version of 2017 comes with the introduction of News, Trailer and Music categories. These are not available in any other movie or TV show app.

Now with the help of news you can remain updated about happenings of Hollywood. Also if you want to watch trailer of any movie or TV show before deciding whether to watch or not. You can do it very easily through showbox apk trailer section.

Showbox App Music

With the addition of Music section showbox apk has become a complete non-stop entertainment app.
On the first launch of this app Showbox Apk. You will see latest news and happenings about movies and TV drama’s on your showbox home screen. You can switch from the top left icon to movies or TV shows section. In movies you can find any movie you want to watch. Same is the case with TV shows section.

Showbox Apk Music
You can search by genre and year or sort movies and TV shows by Newly added, Name, Rating or by IMDB ratings as well.
After selecting your desired movie you can choose from two options Download and Watch Now. If you want to watch that right away then tap “Watch Now” otherwise tap “Download”. It downloads the movie to your smart phone which you can watch later.

Showbox App has every movie and TV show in varies different resolutions ranges from 240p to 1080p. You can choose low resolution in case you have slow internet connection and you only want to watch it on your phone’s small screen. If you like enjoying it on big screen then chooses 1080p resolution and cast the movie on your led TV. Thanks to the showbox apk chromecast support feature.

Showbox Apk Download

Latest version of showbox app is 4.73 it is released on 16 November 2016 with many new and improved features and some minor bug fixes.
Showbox apk 2017 latest version can be downloaded from the links given below.

Showbox .apk Download.

Showbox Errors & Problems

We have learned that after the release of v4.61. Some users are facing difficulties and getting “Processing Screen Error”. It is a very small percentage of users but if you are one of them. Then please follow our guide here: Video Not Available Error. Also read this guide how to fix unfortunately showbox has stopped (2016 solution), if this not solve your problem then you can also try earlier versions from the list of apk versions given below.

Old Showbox Apk versions

You can download old versions from the list given below. Showbox app developers announced few days ago that they are discontinuing support for all versions earlier than showbox 4.64. Because of this reason we cannot give guarantee that if you download older than 4.64 version it would work properly on your device.

Version 4.69: Updated with new features which includes, News, Trailers etc. Download.


If you are facing problems in installing it then follow our guide on how to install show box on android, also we have complete tutorial guide to help you run this amazing app on pc follow showbox for Iphone & PC.

if you still face any kind of problem then please comment in the box below.

  • helpeachother18

    it’s BS that doesn’t work it just wants to show you ads and getting your phone and take over your SD card beware.

    • Aamir

      bro new latest working version updated, Its working fine on our end, if you are facing problems please, write exactly what problem you are facing, so we can help you

      • Shann Cruz

        just reinstalled on my android… now it wont let me play in avia or localcast… i was using it with the chromecast… now it doesnt work… pls help

  • linzi

    Downloaded showbox when click into a movie it just get a blank black screen no option to playor anything

    • Aamir

      Hello Linzi,

      Latest Checked Working version 3.87 of showbox is updates please download it again, i checked personally. its working and movies are also playing fine

  • violator

    Running the 3.88 version no problems for me!

  • Jay Ba

    Almost every movie wants me to download MX player and I don’t want that crap!!! I just want to stream through chromecast. What the hell! Can we get a update for that?

  • Mark Forshaw

    The latest update has stopped me downloading on to my s4. Where is earliest version of the software please.

  • Hailey Zajic

    When I go into the show I want to watch it says ” video not available”

  • BammaDude

    How do I save movies directly to computer or sd card instead of it just downloading to showbox?

  • Shawn Lytle

    I’ve tried to watch focus driver agentand a few other movies and they keep saying movie not available please fix problem

    • Aamir

      Hello i just checked by playing focus movie and its working completely fine here, please check your internet connection if problem not fix try to uninstall and reinstall showbox

      • Shawn Lytle

        I can’t play any of the movie that have just been updated this is what I get on all the movies I want to watch

        • Aamir

          See attach image its working here fine, and have you tried it on wifi connection?? also tell me have you follow my instruction of uninstalling and re installing the app?

          • Shawn Lytle

            Yes I have uninstalled an reinstall it an it keeps telling me that videos are unavailable

  • Shawn Lytle

    You r all of the movie I just posted all telling me the same thing are not available to watch

    • Aamir

      i also attachmed my screenshot i capture 5minutes also please check that and my comment also

      • Shawn Lytle

        I can’t watch any of the movies now everything I tap on to try an watch they all say video not available to watch an I can’t even download any of them

  • Shawn Lytle

    Y dose it tell me video not available on all the movies I’m trying to watch or down load I have uninstalled an reinstalled show box but still can’t watch or download the movies I want to see

  • Shawn Lytle

    Hello I really want to see some movies an can’t what’s going on with the ap cent the update I can’t watch anything not even the movies I already downloaded

    • Orlando Nunez

      Get the version 3.88 if you using another version it may not work at all or may have problem..hope this helps

    • Aamir

      If you still has the same problem please un-install it and re install the latest version 4.0.1 which come today, hopefully it will fix your problem, also check our guide

      • Shawn Lytle

        I did download the new version an still didn’t fix the problem an I Uninstalled an reinstalled it an the older version still wouldn’t let me watch any movies please help I can’t watch the movie I want to watch

  • Orlando Nunez

    There a new version that came today taking a look at this time..if is work as the preview version..

  • DavidA

    Does anybody havd an idea why the updates are recognised and can be added to a download list but the app crashes when you access the download screen. I very much like the choice of server option which I guess is the latest version of the app. I just wish I could get it to work. I’ve tried every trick mentionedd here and a few more ! Any ideas welcome.

    • Abiezer Lopez

      I also have this problem app says “unfortunately showbox has stopped” every time I go into the downloads menu. Any solutions? I also noticed the update tab says their is 123 updates even after I’ve checked it . This only happens on my note 10.1 on my s4 it works fine after I cleared the cache.

    • Aamir

      New latest version 4.02 updated and all problems seems to be solved please update your version thanks

      • Shawn Lytle

        I have in installed an reinstall show box an still can’t watch movie’s the just been updated please help getting frustrated With app I have the 4.2 updated version an still saying movies not available an can’t switch server

  • Marie Kearney

    Thk u this information very helpful downloaded earlier version because had huge problems when updated thks

  • mhia

    bkt dnun d q pdin mbuksan ung download q.. nag out den show has stop.. tos sa update laging my 123 .. gnwa q n lht ayaw pdin.. hays

  • Arun

    Hi Amir, could you please let me know how your AdSense is aprove? I will apreciate your help, best wishes from the Pakistani bro

    • Aamir

      bro, i dont know what do you mean by how your adsense is aprove, just simply apply and they will review your site if it is according to their terms and condition then you will get your account in 1week time.

  • Garp

    Hi have the very latest showbox as 27/04/15 and cant stream to chrome cast any ideas@

    • Ryan

      Download grow box apk. It will allow you to use all cast to cast to your chrome cast.

  • Sher

    I updated to new version, BIG MISTAKE,.. Could not watch anything , everything said not available.. Fortunately I had my old tablet with the old version installed, I got the idea to use the” Share it “app and transfer the old version from my old tablet to the new one and YAY, IT WORKED, now when I open Showbox and it asks to update I just hit the Later button… It may not work forever but for now its fine it streams to my chromecast and all is good! If you don’t have an old tablet try using Share it with a friend who has the old version, one more note, there is “Movie tube”, Popcorn time”, and HD cinema , all are good apps and stream well….I hope this helped some of you

    • erica hill

      I wish you could share it to me. I did the same by accident and can’t get it back

  • john


  • Rob Findlater

    What John says below having the exact same issue

  • Crystal R Artis

    My show box is only showing server 1 not 2 so my movies won’t play anyone know what i need to do

  • erica hill

    I’ve tried all the downloads the you’ve provided, did the application settings and still no cigar. Very frustrating and dispointing

  • Sher

    If you can’t watch showbox, try “nowmovietube”, or Dmovies”,… Both work fine on my Lenovo Yoga tab.. FYI, HDcinema is shut down, they say it will be up and running again and better, movietube is still good

  • eddy

    My shoebox just stopped working I tried uninstalling and than reinstalling it it still does work the downloading progress is from little to nothing. It sucks because this happen out of no where.

  • Jen

    I opened Showbox today and there was an ipdate available. After installing it I am now getting a message that says “video not available try another server ” but it only shows one server available. Help?

    • Alicia Hernandez

      I am having the same problem anyone know how to fix it

      • Kaitlin Hodson

        It’s happening to me to they need to fix it very soon. I’m getting very frustrated. I want to watch my shows.

    • Chad

      Just happened to me too can someone please tell us how to fix this problem please!!!!!

      • Grace Converse

        I think the admin is out to lunch. Everyone is saying the same thing.

    • aly

      the same problem has happend with me and i need help !!

  • Grace Converse

    Same video issues. How do we fix it?

  • alex

    i have updated the app but still the same problem continues ‘no video available, try another server’ and there is only server1. what to do?

  • Petra

    I have the same problem. Please help!

  • please help I have the same problem

  • Vikki

    Same problem as everyone seems to be having please fix missing all my films and shows 🙁

  • Thomas

    Tried all of the download links and solution’s for showbox above and none of them work i have tried everything

  • Renea Davis-Brock

    How do I switch server… keeps telling me to change

  • dionne loften

    after the new update install today it keeps making put in the security code that it is providing but i still cannot get to the menu options because the security entry window is in the way i have entered in each code several
    times but it will not go away please fix it

  • Nadine

    Download an old version
    There are two that work listed above^^^
    Hope this helps you guys ♡

  • Rachel

    New update today, says “movie box is loading”. . Why movie box? Also it asks you to type the captcha which does NOT work no matter how many times you type it??

  • Fulko Hew

    I tried doing the update and it fails with ‘Parse error – There is a problem parsing the package.’

  • saad

    Update or sign in if there is a server problem

  • anne-marie

    i have updated my showbox and it keeps saying video not avalible

  • jnw

    Anyone else getting the app shutdown playing download TV shows? Seems fine on films. Also, streaming the last released TV shows seem to get stuck in and endless loop of the new processing screen.

  • Eb

    Showbox 4.19 is not downloading movies. Help! Version 4.14 works on my samsung S5 cell phone, where’s the link for that version.

    • Eb

      And Showbox 4.19 will not update as of 9/2/15. It is saying “Update error”

  • Kim Barnes

    Every movie I download only downloads part of the movie. This has happened the last 9 times. Help. What am I doing wrong?

  • Angie

    Trying to watch season 2 for a couple shows and they are not showing up.

  • Chris Falck

    Hi.was trying to download the 4.46 version to my galaxy 10.1 tab.and at the bottom of screen it says this might cause harm would I like to save previous version.won’t let me x it and download or cancle. Just won’t let me download 4.46 can anyone help.thanks