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For android movie lovers, the latest version of Movietube 4.4 has been released by and is available to download , for free. There were buffering issues to play 1080p movies with previous version that have successfully been resolved in the latest version V4.4 of Movietube app. Also as per they have fixed another Bug, that some videos (Video mega and Google docs) cannot be played in full screen on our website.

The Movietube 4.4 is an app designed to watch free HD movies, TV shows, Animated movies and Music shows available on youtube on your android devices. All you need is to have an android version of 3.0 and above and a good internet connection or WiFi to colligate the desired stuff directly on your android device. Movietube 4.4 by

Downloading Movietube 4.4 apk on android will let you open a new world of entertainment where you can enjoy free full length HD movies along with other entertaining stuff as many times as you want with no registration required at all. As of’s official statement 20,000 + HD movies and TV shows are available for their users with a constant search all over the web for the best torrents from the most important sites. Movietube app has reached a total of 18 millions downloads from more than 200 countries and the popularity among users is increasing day by day.

The simple and easy user interface of Movietube 4.4 allow users to search their desired content with extreme ease and with fewest clicks. Featured Hollywood bluray movies, latest TV series and Korean Dramas etc are few steps away. The user will get all the entertaining stuff concentrated in one simple app (Movietube 4.4 apk) and can get into it with pretty less efforts.

Given below is a short description of Movietube 4.4 app ‘s main Menu and the content listed inside.


The movies section of Movietube congregates featured movies to watch allowing users to search through “ Newly released, In Cinema, Daily updated and Top rated ” categories. The movie catalogue provides informations like release date, Producer, starring and basic theme along with a trailer to play. Movies can also be listed on Genre basis to select through “ Action, Crime, Horror, History and Romance etc “ based movies making an easier choice for users.

TV Series

The Latest, Popular and Year based TV series with their Episode numbers can also be searched and selected to enjoy within the “TV series” section of Movietube 4.4 app. Here again the available TV series can also be listed on Genre basis to search or make a choice through the list.


The Animated movies are also available for users to watch under “Cartoon, Dubbed anime and Subbed anime” types. The user can also make a search through Daily updated, Featured or Genre based animated content as of their interest.


Popular music shows are available to entertain users under “Billboard, K-Pop, J-Pop” heads along with “ New, Albums and Artists based segregation to ensure an easy search according to the moods of users.


The education section of covers featured Animal documentaries, Technology movies of Mega structures and Mega factories and documentaries on Science, Society, History, Nature, Travel, Crime and Disasters by popular channels like National Geographic and BBC.

Features Of Movietube By

  • Manages full length HD movies and TV shows in 18 different languages
  • Simple and easy UI
  • Diversity of content availability
  • Fast loading of the content
  • All free, No registration required
  • Support multiple screens
  • 20,000 + HD movies and TV shows
  • 18 Millions downloads
  • Can stream Blu-ray movies

Given below is the procedure to download and install movietube 4.4 on your android device.

Downloading Steps for Movie Tube 4.4 App

Movietube 4.4 apk is available for free to download from Google Play. However a direct link has also been provided to download directly from here (given below). All you need is to have an android device with android 3.0 or up to install it. Movietube 4.4 apk can be installed on your phone by some simple steps to be followed that are listed below.

  1. Download apk file through Google play or by our direct link by clicking here, Cartoon hd app.
  2. Install the app on your android device.
  3. Once installed, open the apk file and select your country first.
  4. Select your desired language.
  5. Select the movie from the list or search your favourite one.

Loading of your selected movies will be too fast, as it’s on your own computer. You can skip any part or watch from any portion of the movie without having any tension of browsing problem.

Note: We believe that movie tube is a freeware app and have only those movies and content taken from YouTube which it has legal rights and these movies did not come under any organization or individual  intellectual property and violates copy rights. But if you still think that this app has any kind of illegal material or involve in copy right violation then please go to our DCMA page and follow the procedure given, If your claim is valid we will take action and remove this app immediately from our site.

If you are looking for Movie Tube for iPad, iPhone or iOS then we have best alternative, Please follow our instruction on how to download HD Cinema app for iOs.

Update: Some users are reporting issues with this app, if you are one of them, then use alternate apps like Showbox for HD quality movies and Drama episodes.

Movietube 4.4 has been successfully installed on your device. Now you can start browsing your favourite content for free and enjoy the latest movies on your android device with Movietube 4.4 app by movietube cc. Express your feeling and share your experiences by adding a comment below.


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