Cartoon HD Not Working “Can’t Play This Video” Error Fix

Recently we and all other users of Cartoon HD app are facing a problem with a message “Can’t Play This Video“. If you are one of us and are tired of “Can’t play this video” error for every video you want to play then please read this post till end, probably you may get some positive solutions or alternatives of Cartoon HD for present against this annoying error.

Cartoon HD is a popular entertainment app to watch movies, cartoons, Animated movies and TV shows on your smart mobile phones and tablets. Recent increase in downloads shows that the app is still popular and is one of the best entertaining application for it’s users. Being more popular in kids for it’s educational stuff, the app is considered one of the best app for all operating systems with all quality stuff in high definition.Cartoon HD Not working

Cartoon HD Videos/Movies Not Working

These days, users of cartoon HD are facing an annoying error and every one is getting a message “Can’t play this video” for each video they try to play. According to our information, the videos were placed on Google drive and have been removed from the servers. The developers are trying to upload these deleted videos and this is the main reason you are getting “Can’t play this video” error on your devices. The app tries to load the content but fails to get it as this has been removed from the back servers.

As far as the solution is concerned, the only solution is wait, wait and wait. This may take some days or a week to get resolved. Till then you need to be patient or get another similar app to continue your entertainment. We on have some best alternatives of cartoon HD and you can download any of them. For instance, Movietube 4.4 app, Mobdro app, Popcorn time app, etc are some of the good alternatives of cartoon HD app or Cartoon HD apk for android users.

Alternatives of Cartoon HD (Direct Downloads)

For instant downloading we are providing you direct downloading links in this post so as to save your prestigious time. Go and get one or the other app and keep enjoying free movies and TV shows without any “can’t play this video” error with these alternative applications.

  1. Mobdro app
  2. Showbox

Dears, this was our side of the story as of the information we got, if you are having another solution for “Can’t play this video” on Cartoon HD, feel free to share in the comment box below. Many users are waiting anxiously.

  • Vyas Chady

    No, that is not the reason. I don’t know where you got that answer from, but it can’t be true. I have 5 android devices, one is my TV box, and for some reason I always get that error message on there, and of I try the same movie on my tablet, it works fine. And again sometime on my phone i get the error and I try my TV, and it works. And I have noticed that of I keep trying, sometime you have to wait 5 or 10 mins, try again and it works. I think all the movies are still there, it’s just a protection from the server not to overload with streams or it might crash.

  • Jamal Nehkrow

    If you don’t fix why are you posting this? Go fuck yourself wasting my time. Assholes.